How Cold Laser Therapy for Knee Pain Works

Posted by saurabh.gupta | On: Aug 07 2011
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Cold laser therapy is also commonly called as low level laser therapy or the LLLT; it is a soft therapy used to relieve pain and inflammations which resulted from many medical conditions. Cold laser therapy has been proven effective fro treatments of arthritis problems. Knee pain caused by injury is one such area that cold therapy can be highly recommended. Cold laser therapy is a very safe alternative to other knee pain treatments. Its give absolutely no side effects and the procedure are done with ultra gentle type of laser treatment.

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Factors to Consider before Getting Cold Laser therapy for Knee Pain

Before finding a good clinic for the treatment of your knee pain, it is better to get properly diagnosed first by a trusted doctor. The exact knee condition should be confirmed and the cause of the pain pinpointed before the procedure can be done. Know the exact location of the pain to be able for your doctor to diagnose you well. The energy beams that will be used for the treatment may be adjusted to modify the intensity of the treatment depending on the severity of the condition. Therefore, knowing where the pain emanates is very important. Make sure that there are no other medical conditions that may cause contraindication the cold laser therapy procedure so that the entire procedure may result in the best way possible.


Pregnancy can be considered as a contraindication of cold laser therapy because the effects of the procedure to the unborn child have not yet been established. If you are pregnant or thinking that you might be pregnant, you had better wait after giving birth before going through cold laser therapy. Be sure that you know all the necessary information regarding the entire procedure, although your doctor might explain to you how the procedure will work. Do not hesitate top ask any questions if some things are not clear to you. Inquire and be reassured, it is better than going through a procedure with an ignorant mind. Inquire before the procedure and not after, this will save you time later to be apprehensive and nervous.

You should also be aware that although cold lapse therapy is quite effective at healing and relieving knee pain, it can not be done in a single session. It requires multiple treatments before the needed result is achieved. So be prepared to come back for follow up; do not miss a scheduled session. Be consistent with your therapy if you want optimum result for the cure you have sought.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Knee pain

Cold laser therapy for knee pain is an effective procedure that is safe and risk-free. Clod laser therapy treatment lessens the patient’s dependency on synthetic drugs like pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. With cold laser therapy, there is no need to under go any surgery just to correct some knee problems. Cold alter therapy provide a faster healing process than any other knee therapy options.

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