Depigmentation of Gums with Laser

Posted by saurabh.gupta | On: Aug 01 2011
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Gum depigmentation or gum bleaching is a dental procedure used to remove the dark spots or ugly patches on the gums due to excessive melanin. The gum tissue or the Gingiva should be normally pink in color, but excessive deposits of melanin can produce those ugly marks on the gums, thus creating a cosmetic dental problem. Another possible cause of this gum tissue discoloration is long term use of certain synthetic medications.

There are many dental procedures that can be done to treat this problem well and get permanent results. Such treatments include: chemical, surgical or laser ablation methods.


Advantages of Depigmentation of Gums with Laser

Depigmentation of gums with laser is also commonly called as laser gum bleaching and is an effective, safe and fast way to properly treat gum tissue discoloration. This technique targets and ablate the melanocytes, which are the cells that produce melanin and cause the depigmentation, therefore reducing the possibility of melanin production in the Gingival tissue.

Gum discoloration treatment with laser is an effective way to ensure pink gums. The procedure itself can be done in a few minutes, therefore eliminating the nervous time a patient will have in the dentist office.

The treatment procedure is also safe as long as protective measures were properly observed. The use of laser also decreases the chances of causing further damage to the gum tissue and the surrounding area.

Another good thing about using laser technology in removing the dark spots on the gum areas is that it minimizes the possibility of bleeding and tissue damage, therefore providing for a better and faster recovery.

The best advantage of laser gum bleaching is that it results to healthy and beautiful smile. You wouldn’t need to be embarrassed every time you open your mouth because you will be confident in the knowledge that you will be giving out the best smile you can project.

Disadvantages of Depigmenation of Gums with Laser

Despite the many advantages of laser gum depigmenation, the use of laser in treating gum discoloration also has its disadvantages.  For one thing, using laser technology in any aspect can be quite risky and therefore requires precautions. Laser irradiation can interact with tissues even without getting in contact with them. This simply means that laser beams can sometimes reach other organs like the eyes and other tissue around the targeted area of treatment. Protective eye-wear must then be worn not only by the performing dentist but also by his assistants and the patient in particular.

Laser Gum Bleaching Cost

Another disadvantage is the cost of the entire procedure; it is much higher than conventional treatment procedures [we'll add in numbers soon].

Side Effects of Depigmentation of Gums with Laser

There are not much reported risky side effects of using laser in removing gum discoloration. Aside maybe from the fact the gums will be a little too sensitive a few days after the procedure.

The best positive side effect is of course, the elimination of the dark spots on the gums that may worry you a lot before.

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